North Carolina Adventure with Billye Harris and Bradley Yarbrough

Hi Digital Darlings!

I am sitting here in the airport after a whirlwind trip this weekend to North Carolina. I had the pleasure to fly out this weekend to film four exciting programs for the June Virtual Doll Convention. I was picked up at the airport by Bradley and Chris - and whisked away to the Land of Magic and Make-Believe - AKA - the Pink Princess Palace of Billye Harris. As soon as we arrived, we took a tour of the grounds - I guarantee you this video will make you laugh! My favorite part was when Billye smacked Bradley’s face because he had a bug on it.

Dinner was fabulous - and cooked by Billye Harris who happens to be a fabulous cook! Check out the dining room. WOWZERS! I was treated to a delicious meal and Billye gave away an R. John Wright fairy to one of our virtual viewers - the evening was perfect!

Billye Harris Dining Room Virtual Doll Convention.jpg

Take a peek at where I stayed - this suite was fit for royalty which is how I felt! You bet I took home that gift basket full of GOODIES! Bradley had to stay in the closet but this time Billye let him turn on the lights. (We kid, we kid!!)

The next day, we got up early and had a lovely breakfast spread by Billye. It was the perfect start to this amazing day to come!

I wore outfits the whole weekend that had some kind of flowers on them…and my first dress was perfect for riding in the scoop of a tractor! This is the Uber of Hollygate! Thank you Alvaro for your help driving the tractor with us - it’s part of the opening ceremonies for the Virtual Convention and it’s hysterical!!

The first program we filmed live was with Bradley and it was ‘A Peek at a Prototype’ but it was ALSO a 1950s sitcom! You will love this.

One of the crowd favorites was the ‘Grinnie’ Program we filmed with Billye Harris on these FUN Lamternier Smiling Dolls. You can’t help but love them!

It was time to break for lunch after this and we had a delightful picnic outside. When Billye and I put on our hats, Bradley said we reminded him of something he has seen before. Can you see the resemblance? LOL

After lunch, we filmed programs with Billye and Bradley for the June Virtual Doll Convention. You will not believe what we have in store - I learned SO much and saw some magnificent dolls.

Isn’t Bradley just the CUTEST?! You will love this program airing at the June Virtual Doll Convention!

Isn’t Bradley just the CUTEST?! You will love this program airing at the June Virtual Doll Convention!

Billye Harris and The Doll Shop Cat, ‘Biff’

Billye Harris and The Doll Shop Cat, ‘Biff’

We filmed special content for inside the June Virtual Doll Convention Group which was a blast, everyone commented and enjoyed it as much as we did. The end to this beautiful day was made so special by a evening walk in the beautiful garden where we got to chat and enjoy the perfect weather.

We look forward to the debut of these world-class programs that we filmed in North Carolina at the June Art of the Doll Virtual Doll Convention. If you have not registered, do it today! We are already having a great time in the group. Full registration is $25.00 and includes programs, classes, and so much more - we promise you will be overwhelmed with a fabulous time.

Billye Harris of Ashley’s Dolls is a Title Sponsor of the June Virtual Doll Convention and Bradley Yarbrough of The Swell Doll Shop is a Business Sponsor. Thank you BOTH so very much for your contributions and support!