Read below for all the details of “Victoriana - A Tale of Two Cities’ Virtual Doll Convention happening January 8-12, 2020.

Virtual Doll Convention is a completely interactive Doll & Bear Convention that is presented entirely online.

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This Virtual Doll and Teddy Bear Convention is presented 100% online in a private group on Facebook. ‘Victoriana - A Tale of Two Cities’ is happening on January 8-12, 2020.

All of the scheduled events will remain in the group for later viewing for those who can’t catch it live or want to watch it again.

The content is created and streamed special for this convention. We hope you join us!

By joining this exclusive Virtual Convention group, you will receive all this below (and more) for only $25.00.

Unlimited Access to our Virtual Doll Convention Private Facebook Group and Community

Over 20 digital doll and bear programs | sewing Workshops | Salesroom | International Travel | Closing Banquet | exclusive printable daily souvenirs | cooking classes and cookbook downloads | printable gifts to share with friends

The content NEVER goes away - you can watch it AGAIN AND AGAIN!

topics include: antique, modern, Barbie, vintage, teddy bears, STEiff, miniatures, dollmaking, crafting, cooking, dancing, travel + so much more! Check back for a lineup and schedule as the convention gets closer.

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Trip to New York to Visit Robert Tonner!

Travel with Virtual Doll Convention to visit Robert in his studio in New York. Learn from the master about his craft and techniques. Robert Tonner is living proof that there is a palpable link between dolls and art.  Tonner is a doll artist and entrepreneur, but he is also a graduate of the Parsons School of Design who worked for Bill Blass.  Tonner helped create Blassport, Blass’s line of sportswear, but his work was known on the runway and featured in many magazines, including the iconic Vogue. Can you IMAGINE hanging out with Robert Tonner? It’s happening!

Robert Tonner is designing a limited edition doll for the Virtual Doll Convention. The sketches for the doll are below. There are 300 dolls available and 225 have been sold. Read more about the doll here.

Mask Making Workshop AND Dance Lessons with Gregg Ortiz


This talented young artist has captured the best of doll making with the tradition of fine antique doll creation. Specializing in high-end innovative 3 -dimensional limited editions and One of a kind Art creations - we will visit Orlando to the studio of Gregg Ortiz. Gregg will teach us some of his incredible techniques for his doll making and give us a workshop on making a mask out of materials you can easily find. Gregg expresses himself through imagination, creativity, and emotion. (He ALSO happens to be an incredible dancer - and will teach us some moves to use for later on in the Convention.) Unforgettable surprises, laughter, and creativity await you!

Doll And History Trip to London and Paris with the Doll Uncles

A trip to London and then Paris seems like a total fairytale - and it IS! Now, imagine taking this trip with Michael Canadas and David Robinson as your docents. They will digitally show you all the places you need to explore, shop, learn, and enjoy in Paris and London. The trip to London and Paris will be FULL of educational programming and adventure filmed just for you to enjoy again and again. Michael and David know all the nooks and crannies of where a doll and teddy bear lover will want to explore - and they are taking YOU with them! 

Highlights will include: 200 Years of Childhood Show, Hilary Pauley’s Bear Museum, Historic Landmark Visits, local cuisine, and sneaking into favorite secret spots to film just for you!

“Paris is always a good idea.” – Audrey Hepburn

Huret Sewing Seminars and Kits with World-Renowned Instructors - Produced by The Grovian Doll Museum

The Grovian Doll Museum is working with world-renowned sewing instructors to produce for you sewing classes and Huret kits for the January 2020 Virtual Doll Convention. The instructors, fabric, and designs will amaze you. This will be a revolutionary event for the sewing and doll community. We have four sewing instructors, and each lady is designing their costume.

Think croquet suits, skating costumes, WONDERFUL things. These are the same caliber of classes that are taught live at The Grovian Doll Museum, and the special fabric is currently in production. The kits are optional, and the classes are included in your registration.

One free pattern is INCLUDED in your registration of $25.00. The kits are optional and are $165.00 each. The free pattern is compliments of The Grovian Doll Museum.

The instructors for the digital sewing classes and Four Seasons Optional Kits are: 

Louise Hedrick - Spring 

Sheryl Williams - Summer

Denise Buese - Fall

Debra Jenkines - Winter 

You will essentially be in a sewing class with a world-class sewing instructor, and it will feel like one on one. 

John Darcy Noble Virtiual Doll Convention.jpg

The Grovian will also produce a documentary on John Darcy Noble, who was an author of books and articles about dolls, collecting, life, art, and beauty in all of its forms.

As you can see, there is so much to look forward to. We will release more details in the coming weeks. For now, if you have registered, make sure you are inside the January VDC Facebook Group, and have fun reconnecting and making new friends.

Modern Doll Sewing Workshop with Doll Artisan Guild Master Educator Linda Wall


Linda Wall is preparing a sewing workshop for the 16” slender fashion Robert Tonner Doll. Stay tuned for her design and pattern! In the virtual sewing workshop with Linda Wall you will receive your supply lists beforehand and prepare to learn new techniques. The supplies will be easy and inexpensive to find/purchase, and you might already have them. THE OPTIONAL SEWING KIT FOR THE WORKSHOPS WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON. These workshops are ALL SKILL LEVEL.


Linda Wall has received the Doll Artisan Guild Award of Excellence in Doll Making, and is an international educator for Doll Artisan Guild. She holds an Honorary Doctorate in Dollmaking, and will be your private educator for the convention.

Learn more about Linda’s dollmaking practice.

Hilary Pauley’s Teddy Bear Museum Collection In London

Travel to London for a private tour of Hilary Pauley’s outstanding Teddy Bear Museum Collection in London! Hear and learn from Hilary in a private tour of her collection of bear and plush ranging from first half of the twentieth century, from the 1900s to the 1950s.

Hilary Pauley Teddy Bear Virtual Doll Convention.jpg

Shop A Virtual Doll, Teddy, and Artisan Salesroom

Virtual Doll Convention Salesroom.jpg

On Friday, we will open the virtual doll and teddy bear salesroom! Shop hundreds of items in a pop-up 72 hour virtual sale filled with exciting finds in every price range. Shop from hand-selected vendors across the country who will be picking highlights from their inventories special for this event. Each seller will have their own album in the group, and you can shop each virtual booth with ease.

Movie Screening: Popular Classic - On Friday night after a busy day of shopping, we will unwind in the group with a classic movie screening. The group will take a poll and decide on the film at the beginning of the day.

Macaron Cookie Baking Class + Digital Cookbook:

Who doesn’t absolutely LOVE the perfect macaron? We will have a macaron baking class with Betsy Stroomer. You will receive easy and FUN recipes for these delightful cookies, we will have a digital baking class so you can learn how to make these for yourself and loved ones. The ‘icing on the cookie’ is you will receive a downloadable macaron VDC themed box that you can print on card stock and fold for giving your cookies away as gifts. You will delight in making these fabulous treats with Betsy and Rachel.

Create a Vision Board Workshop with Stephanie Blythe

Blythe Vision Board Virtual Doll Convention.jpg

Vision board ideas and examples are incredibly useful. The purpose of your vision board is to bring everything on it to life.

Also known as dream boards, these simple devices are one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. The inspirational collages serve as your image of the future – a tangible example, idea, or representation of where you are going. They should represent your dreams, your goals, and your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on things that you want.

In this workshop, Stephanie Blythe will show you her vision board in her studio and get you started on where and how to draw inspiration to create a vision board that will inspire you in your craft.

You will receive a digital download starter packet designed by Stephanie to get started on your board.

Hankie Doll Dress Pattern and Sewing Class

Hankie Dress Virtual Doll Convention.jpg

Follow along with a talented sewing instructor as we create a Hankie Dress with a pattern by the wonderful Lynda Chase. Lynda has been making dolls and drafting patterns for dolls since 1972. Her patterns are wonderful! Stay tuned for information on the instructor.

Making Miniature Houses Program with Stan Gregg

Stan Gregg Virtual DOll Convention January 2020.jpg

Join miniature artist Stan Gregg in his home studio in Colorado to see a wide array of his newly completed miniature houses AND learn how to get started with your own miniature houses with minimal and inexpensive materials. Stan gives us great ideas and tips of how to build our own houses using supplies that can be purchased at the dollar store. This talented artist creates amazing pieces of art - you will LOVE this program! See a preview on YouTube.

‘I see miniatures in almost everything I see. My hope is to inspire people with my creations, like I have been inspired by theirs.’ - Stan Gregg

Sunday Evening British Banquet + Digital Cookbook

Tasting Menu Virtual Doll Convention

Virtual Dinner Party Cook-along with David Robinson and Hilary Pauley in London. You will receive a cookbook download featuring a 6-course tasting menu of well-known traditional British dishes - tried and true recipes from the kitchen of Hilary Pauley.

David and Hilary will prepare our recipes in Hilary’s fabulous kitchen and we will dine together in London!

Daily Convention Printable Souvenirs

June 2019 Virtual Doll Convention Avery Paper Doll Book-page-001.jpg

You will receive a daily souvenir consisting of beautiful printable paper dolls and bears! If you enjoyed the souvenirs for the January and June 2019 Virtual Conventions, just wait for what is in store this time! These keepsakes are unforgettable fun.

Shown on the left is one of the wonderful souvenirs from the June 2019 Virtual Doll Convention by Diana E. Vining.

The souvenirs are made SPECIAL for the Convention by ARTISTS that you love. They include Robert Tonner, Diane E. Vining, Kathy Turner, Stephanie Blythe, and more! Just download and print!

Prior to the start of the convention, you will receive all of your resources and schedules to follow along. Can’t attend at time of live stream? No problem! The content remains in the group for later viewing.