How is this Convention Virtual?

This Convention is virtual because it is hosted entirely online in a private Facebook group through videos, photos, workbooks, and downloads. All of the videos, content, and resources are posted inside this group and shared over email. Each day during the Convention, you receive a follow-up email with direct links to what happened so you can review at your own pace.

What if I am busy or can't be online during all or a portion of the Convention dates?

Do not worry! You can review the content hours, days, or weeks later. The content stays inside the group in the order that it was posted. You can review it at any time that works for you. There is no reason not to register because you aren't available during specific timeframes - you can catch the content at your own pace at any point that works for you. You can even register for past Conventions and relive them right from start to finish! Here is a link to register for the January Virtual Doll Convention.

Why is the Convention on Facebook instead of somewhere else?

Facebook is a free platform where you can easily register and join the Convention Group to participate. It keeps our costs down, and it is easy to use. Participants do not have to download software or open any accounts other than Facebook. It provides a private Convention group where participants can participate, comment, and interact in real-time. Facebook is a platform where someone can be as involved as they want. You can register to view the content or view and comment, share, interact, etc. You can take as much or as little as you want from the platform and account. We currently do not host the Convention anywhere else - here is a page with some videos on how to join and navigate the Virtual Convention Group on Facebook.

I am a private person and do not feel comfortable joining Facebook, but I still want to attend this Virtual Convention.

Totally understandable! You can create an account under a nickname, and you do not have to post a photo of yourself or share any personal information when opening an account. If this convention was not on Facebook, you would still have to open an account somewhere else and download software so we recommend giving Facebook a shot. There are many people just like you who have taken the leap and are so glad they did. We promise…it is totally worth it! We ARE in the process of adding E-learning capability to this website which will enable you to view the content but you will miss out on the community, comments, and sharing. So - this is a nudge to think about Facebook as an option. There is zero risk in trying it out.

I haven't received any emails from you with instructions but I registered and paid $25.00. What do I do?

This sometimes happens when an email address gets inputted wrong when registering so please email us right away to update your email address in our database. OR the emails could be in your JUNK folder so check there and mark them as safe! Email and we will help!

Where can I learn more?

I love this interview with Worthpoint and would love you to take a read!