VDC Meetup

Complete Nashville Virtual Video Playlist {15 videos}

Nashville was a hoot and a holler to say the least! For both the virtual attendees and in-person attendees, we had a spectacular time seeing and getting to know everyone.

Our Dolly Dingle made by Joelle Strathers at the VDC Meetup event in her Secret Agent Sunglasses

Our Dolly Dingle made by Joelle Strathers at the VDC Meetup event in her Secret Agent Sunglasses

To live and relive the experience, I made a playlist for you to refer to with links to all the content. Most of these videos are on Facebook, and some are inside the June Virtual Convention Group. We are also adding videos to our YouTube channel today.

While we were not allowed to film anything within the actual event, we made our special content outside of the 'official' activities. We were officially unofficial and had a BLAST - please share and enjoy these 15 videos.

*Make sure to change your Facebook video view settings to the highest setting (HD) for the best viewing experience.*

Walk through the The National Doll Festival with me! We are having the BEST time. 💕🎸 (50 minutes)


LIVE at the National Doll Festival with the booth of Elizabeth Christensen (9 minutes)


The VDC Meet Up Details and Room with Bradley Justice Yarbrough and Billye B. Harris (4 minutes)


The HILARIOUS opening ceremonies to the VDC Meet Up with Kathy Turner and BelleAnne Curry!! You’ll love this song and dance. 🎉🎉🎉 (4 minutes)


The VDC meet and greet with Robert Tonner, Michael Canadas, and lots of fabulous friends. Thank you for everyone who stopped by! (11 Minutes)


Dollmaker Superstars in one room! Enjoy a chat with Helen Kish, Maggie Iacono, and Robert Tonner (8 minutes)


The Pink Princess shares her gifts chat with Bradley Justice Yarbrough (5 minutes)


GOOD SOUND! A fun different view of our meet up and conversation with Robert Tonner and Michael Canadas. What a fun event, thank you to everyone and thank you Billye B. Harris for sponsoring this gorgeous room for us! (11 minutes)


“Bad to the Bone” Miniature Steiff Dogs Program with Steiff Gal live in Nashville (18 minutes)


Kruse Collecting: A Beginner’s Guide with Jonathan Green (7 minutes)


“Booth Undercover - Secret Shopper” Shopping Treasures with Michael Canadas and David Robinson (21 minutes)


Meeting Gregg Ortiz by the Fountain (3 minutes)


PART ONE: Tips and Tricks of the China Doll Trade with Kathy Turner and special celebrity guest filmed LIVE in a secret location! (5 minutes)


Part Two: China workshop in undisclosed location with Kathy Turner and BelleAnne Curry (2 minutes)


We ducked out for a fun and exciting announcement about the January 2020 Virtual Doll Convention with Gregg Ortiz! Learn about the amazing mask workshop we will have AND learn a special dance move to use in the doll salesroom. ✈️🎉💕 (4 minutes)


Our friend Alan Pate also took his own videos that we loved and wanted to share:

Inside the Salesroom - this booth, WOW! https://www.facebook.com/antiquejapanesedolls/videos/2315650685373973/

Special Exhibit of 18th Century Japanese Fashion Dolls: https://www.facebook.com/antiquejapanesedolls/videos/662251767604368/

Enjoy a gallery of snapshots from the VDC Impromptu Meetup - thank you to everyone who was able to come by and to Billye B. Harris for sponsoring this space for us.