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The Grovian Doll Museum Wood, Wax, & Papier-Mache Video Playlist

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to attend The Grovian Doll Museum's Event - A Trio: Wood, Wax, and Papier Mache Retreat. Virtual and in-person attendees were delighted to learn and see spectacular dolls, enjoy camaraderie, and delight in fabulous cuisine - and that is only the start!

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The event was spectacular - from a movie tour around Pacific Grove to the culinary delights by David Robinson, and the dreamy amount of knowledge in the seminars and DOLLS to behold throughout the event - attendees had a magical time from start to finish.

We also had the opportunity to film many facets of the event as it unfolded and put it together into a playlist for you to enjoy and relive as much as you want. Links are below!


Thursday, September 12th:

Arriving at the Thursday evening Opening Gala:

Behind the scenes at the opening gala for the Wood, Wax & Papier-mâché retreat:

A Peek Into the Wax Doll Special Exhibit (Video inside the January 2020 Convention Group)

Sunset on the Beach:

Friday, September 13th:

Friday Lunch at The Grovian:

The lunch souvenir at the Wood, Wax, and Papier-mache Retreat lunch:

Plating Friday dinner tonight plus chat with Michael Canadas and David Robinson about dinner and the happenings of the weekend:

Peek at the famous Artichokes for dinner plus see some of the fabulous dinner this evening:

The exquisite dinner souvenir paper doll by John Noble!! Wow!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Elizabeth Anne Coleman:

Saturday, September 14th:

Choosing tablecloths for today’s lunch and dinner with Michael Canadas and a table-side chat about dolls, costume, and history with Ann Coleman:

Lunch preparation is underway! A peek into the production of the famous Curried Chicken Salads from the kitchen of David Robinson:

Antique Doll Collector Magazine Read party by the beach:

Sunday, September 15th:

A mini talk on spectacular woodenn dolls with Chris Collins Madrid (Video inside the January 2020 Virtual Doll Convention Group)

The wooden class just ended + see the paper doll souvenir by John Darcy Noble + peek into the kitchen and the rest of the museum:

The Wood, Wax, and Papier-mâché Retreat souvenir doll reveal! The papier-mâché doll is inspired by a doll owned by John Darcy Noble and was made by Carl Armstrong:

Thank you from the Grovian Doll Museum.jpg

Thank you, Michael and David, and the entire staff of The Grovian Doll Museum and Carmel Doll Shop for creating an experience we will never forget!

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