VDC Ambassador Janet Snyder at local doll show.

VDC Ambassador Janet Snyder at local doll show.

 YOU are the backbone of the VDC, and the Virtual Doll Convention thrives off community involvement.

If you can share your talents, we want you involved!

Ways you can volunteer to help:

  • Present a tutorial and testimonial about the VDC at your doll club meeting. The VDC will send you a special gift for each of the members of your Doll Club. We just need your doll club name, date of meeting, and number of members. Email to find out more.

  • Pass out handouts at local doll shows and events. We will send you the handouts - just shoot us an email.

  • Write an article for the VDC blog. Email us your ideas. Even better if they go with the theme of the current Virtual Doll Convention.

  • Present a digital program for the VDC or lead up to VDC. Email with your plan or idea.

  • Help answer technical questions on Facebook when you see them from other members. Just jump in an help - we appreciate ya!

  • Help others to join and figure out our 'system of doing things if they have never done it before. If you are able to bring someone new in, email us so we can thank you for your help.

  • Create a product for the VDC Gift Shop. Email with ideas!

If you want to be an official VDC Volunteer - we would love to have you involved. Email us with your project or plan, and we will send you the materials you need for your duties, AND a special gift in the mail to honor your important services.