The Virtual Doll Convention requires funding for projects throughout the year. Your financial contribution is used for a variety of purposes including donations from the VDC to museums we visit, travel expenses, digital product subscriptions, speaker/artist honorariums, and equipment upgrades.

We work to develop new educational content and present world premiere productions that contribute to the vibrancy of our doll and bear community. We work to unite doll collectors around the world, build thriving digital communities, encourage growth, development, self-love, and empowerment within those communities.

We work to make sure all of our participants feel appreciated, loved, and valued.

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Your financial contribution will help us reach our purpose of bringing together the community of doll and bear collectors and artists, and providing educational opportunities to motivate and encourage all people who want to be a part of this project.

Your sponsorship helps provide scholarship opportunities for those who ask. Nobody is left behind.

Sponsors are recognized for supporting the educational content and community outreach of the Virtual Doll Convention.

You will receive a special gift package in the mail to thank you for your generosity.

For IRS purposes, this donation is a ‘gift’ to the Virtual Doll Convention, and can not be claimed as a charitable deduction.

Thank you for helping make our mission possible.